For decades, Seiko watches are considered as generic term for reasonably affordable yet luxurious timepiece. Their innovations in watch industry tend to become a huge hit in the industry and with excellent reputation the company continues to expand in the global market. Although Seiko watches are never safe from brand imitations, owning a genuine Seiko luxury watch can prove to be an excellent life-long investment.

These watches are accurate in time keeping and very reliable. Seiko’s unique technology like the Spring Drive is a robust mechanism to deliver exceptional accuracy. There are always something suitable for everyone in Seiko’s lineup and the Seiko GMT could be one of them. The GMT retains Seiko’s classic design with its glinty steel look and masculine toughness.

Specifications of the Seiko GMT are really something to behold, especially when we consider that it is marvelously lightweight. The titanium structure contributes to excellent durability and lightness. The Seiko GMT features a specially engineered clasp, independent hour hand adjustment, perpetual calendar, 10 year battery, sapphire crystal and screwed caseback.

The watch uses Seiko’s flagship movement, the 8F56, with a deviation rate of less than 20 seconds each year. However, the lightweight characteristic of Seiko GMT causes a distinct disadvantage. After awhile, you may realize that it’s a good idea to have a heavier watch as the Seiko GMT sometimes refuses to stick firmly when used by people with smaller wrist.

Overall, the Seiko GMT is an excellent luxury watch to wear on any special occasion and it should match your business suit perfectly.

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