Breitling is known worldwide for its time-keeping perfection and its products are already certified for COSC. The certification requires that a watch shouldn’t deviate outside +6/-4 seconds each day. Some Breitling watches are equipped with the SuperQuartz movement and they won’t lose or gain more than 10 seconds each year.

Many of Breitling watches don’t come cheap and along with Cartier and Rolex, Breitling is often associated as part of golden age in Switzerland’s watch-making industry. Breitling is unique among other luxury watch makers with its raw utilitarian brilliance. Original Breitling designs were intended for combat pilots when they were akin to celebrities.

The Chronomat lineup is widely recognized for its elegant and sleek aesthetic as well as unfaltering mechanics. The latest Breitling Chronomat is a redesign of the 2005 Chronomat Evolution. However, newer Chronomat models have chunkier look and consequently you may earlier models. These older models can more comfortable on your wrist and have a much refined appearance.

The latest Chronomat still features a rotatable timing bezel, which gives the watch a unique appearance. Pilots in the old days still wore thick gloves and the raised design allows them to turn the watch easily even in the thick of the aerial battle.

Gold elements on the stainless steel still look nice especially when combined with the usual anthracite black face. This gives the watch an overall mystique feel and the overall look should blend well with black leather or stainless steel band. Users of Breitling watches always pride themselves on the accurate movements used by their watches. Overall, the Chronomat watch should tell the time perfectly and operate as intended. Being known for their classic innovation, the latest Chronomat watch should always retain sentimental appreciation among Breitling loyal consumers.

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