Bell & Ross watches are often characterized for their military-style design. Their aesthetic and elegance usually come from the slim watch face and stainless steel case.

With the BR 01 Turn Coordinator, Bell & Ross still retains design elements of the Turn Coordinator series, but still come up with an innovative and original timepiece. The dial is made from two separate concentric discs, which are associated with 60 minutes and 12 hours, respectively. To indicate the small digits of minutes and large digits of hours, Bell & Rose use a vertical white marker, which is placed under the crystal. Users can read the time by seeing under the indicator.

The case has matte black carbon finish and is anti-reflective, which is generally inspired by the instrument panel in aircraft. This would eliminate reflections and make dials easier to see under direct sunlight. The upper window is designed completely to help users read the time. Bell & Ross designers gave priority to the specific area used to display the time by making it opaque.

Bell & Ross 01 Turn Coordinator is a generally sophisticated device of time, with technical sophistication that can be matched only by its superb aesthetic design. Its production process requires direct supervision from experienced engineers in the watchmaking industry. Ultra-light discs are used because the disc itself is far heavier than the watch hand. This would ensure the accuracy of the watch and maintain the power reserve. The disc is also made from resistant material to avoid deformation caused by continuous friction.

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