Baume & Mercier Maison d’Horlogerie has delivered plenty of products aimed specifically for women’s needs and wants. For decades, Baume & Mercier Maison d’Horlogerie is considered as one of the leaders in the industry with their usual cutting-edge allure and graceful styling. The Linea collection has been introduced in 1980’s and it was a huge success thanks to the innovative bracelet system and sensual femininity. Now, the lineup is back in force. The Linea 10073 still embraces both the technical prowess and evocative beauty. Designers of Baume & Mercier full understand the desire among female consumers for smooth design and reliable mechanics. The watch has a sapphire case back and automatic movements.

The Linea 10073 still features a design reminiscent of previous Linea model with the elegant curves. Nevertheless, the watch is now characterized by forward-thinking nuances and stunning updates. The timepiece looks even more feminine with specifically designed indication for hours, minutes and seconds. For chic appeal, the design also incorporates satin-finished two-tone and artistic polish.

The interchangeable bracelet portrays a harmonious balance and is appropriate for female consumers that love to have a bit of surprise. The interchangeable bracelet system also adds to the ease of use, allowing multiple unique looks that can easily match owners’ unique personal statement. In addition, the watch has meticulous finish with open-worked oscillating weight and snailed silver color. The sapphire case back allows users to see through the complex internals of the watch.

Overall, the Linea 10073 is a watch that can easily match your taste with more than decent design and superb reliability.

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